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“ ‘Awake' is a groovy pop song, led by songwriter Adalia Boehne and backed up by her bandmates Jordan Wilson, Antoine Franklin and Jonathan Mango.” 

- Marissa Lorusso 

Brooklyn, NY AudioFemme

“If you combine the soul and melodic sensibility of artists like Mariah Carey and Lauryn Hill with the laid-back production and honesty of indie songwriters like Fiona Apple and Bedouine, you’ll arrive at the gorgeous hybrid that is Knotts” 

-Sara Barron 


 “Cincinnati's Knotts, the compelling Indie/Art Pop project led by singer/musician Adalia Boehne that is described cheekily (but not completely inaccurately) as “Björk meets Spice Girls meets Gladys Knight and the Pips.”

 -Mike Breen


Knots are shapeshifters that can be untied, cut free and started again. That same pleasant unpredictability is found in this colorful, genre-blending band, self identified as ALT-Pop Soul-N-Roll. Adalia Powell-Boehne’s songwriting and honest and tender vocals carry the endeavor. Adalia creates beautiful melodies filled with the most earnest of thoughts. That might sound like faint praise, but in a world full of boastful lyrics and show-off vocal hysterics, her music always feels intimate, thoughtful and real. Adalia possess a truly one-of-a kind plaintive voice that grounds all her songs with a strong sense of someone searching for her place in the world. On many of her compositions, when she's singing over a simple arrangement on the electric guitar or harmonizing with herself, you get this amazing paradox of music that manages to be forceful and delicate at the same time. The melodies are tender, but always delivered in the voice of someone who knows exactly what she wants to say.

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